We host legal Cuba travel. We invite you to witness the island’s stunning natural beauty and the genuine warmth of its people. Come discover Cuba’s pivotal history, dramatic architecture, and captivating culture. Revel in its ubiquitous pulsating music, dance and rum. Enjoy the safest most welcoming country in the Americas comfortably and hassle-free. We offer premium tours at competitive prices because every American deserves to experience enchanting Cuba. Global Relations Travel Club $29 lifetime membership is needed for all Tours: www.GlobalRelations.US. Visit us on Facebook at Facebook.com/RutherfordDan

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Cuba discovery tour

Multiple dates. Discover Cuba, so near yet so far way. Private cooking lesson, cigar factory, fresh fish & lobster, rum and rumba. An active & relaxing pace. Much, much to discover!

  • Seven days from $3629 $3149

Weekend in Havana tour

For 4 day 3 nights you’ll savor highlights of Havana. Vintage American cars, cigars, rum and Rumba await you on the island elusive to Americans for 60 years.

  • Four days from $1699 $1447

Elected/appointed/retired officials, spouses & staff: 2020 CUBA

Duration: 5 days and 4 nights of ‘Professional Awareness’, Educational Activities and Support of the Cuban people organized by Global Relations Travel Club (GRTC).

  • Five days from $2499

Federation of Women Contractors professional awareness Havana tour

Your private Professional Awareness visit to Havana, Cuba is structured specifically for The Federation of Women Contractors. You engage in an open discussion of Cuban society and women in business, experience the wonderful people of the island, cigars, vintage American cars, rum and rumba.

  • Five days from $2467

Hemingway’s Cuba tour

Spend 5 days 4 nights walking in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, one of America's greatest writers, receiving both a Pulitzer and a Nobel. He lived in his Cuba Finca Vigia home longer than any other place.

  • Five days from $1999

Cleveland Havana Ballet Project tour

The Cleveland Havana Ballet Project with Verb Ballets is offering a 5 day 4 nights tour in Havana. The dancers will be performing Romeo and Juliet at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba. Opening night and much more included.

  • Five days from $2889

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