Meeting all Legal requirements of the U.S. Government to travel to Cuba
Dan Rutherford

Specialty Cuban tours are inspired by Dan Rutherford, a former 25-year international vice president of a Fortune 100 Company, extensive world traveler, both personally and professionally, having visited all seven continents, and an accomplished state legislator and constitutional officer. His first visit to Cuba was in 1999. For decades he has organized individual and group tours to some of the most challenging locations on the planet. His Midwest charisma and charm makes for knowing how to put together a fun and educational adventure abroad.

Josh Lanning

Together with Josh Lanning, a youthful Cuban expert, the two have created an experience within the ever changing U.S.-Cuban relations. Josh knows his way around Havana, after several visits, and is a wealth of information for social activities not on an itinerary. Visit their bio page at: www.GlobalRelations.US


The Global Relations Travel Club (GRTC) Cuban expeditions adamantly adhere to the legal expectations of the U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control for ‘Educational Activities and People to People Exchanges’. Since its inception, GRTC has emphasized the use of Cuban privately owned restaurants and vendors wherever possible.

Cuban girl

Itineraries can be structured for history buffs, lovers of the arts, music, culture or architecture. If one is interested in cigar rolling and rum production it can be woven into the tour. GRTC has select, ‘off the beaten path’, places to visit. Diversity in an itinerary can span from Hemingway haunts, rain forests, a tobacco farm, the Bay of Pigs, Che’s mausoleum, mojitos and Cuban Jazz. GRTC Tours sport comfortable accommodations and tasty, authentic, Cuban cuisine.


Individualized itineraries provide a unique opportunity to visit a foreign country forbidden to Americans for over 55 years.

Joining a GRTC Small Group Tour to Cuba allows one to meet new people. It is an adventure; fun, exciting and rewarding. For scheduled Small Group Tours visit our Experience or Discover Cuba Tours via the tab above.

Or, one may prefer a gathering of friends and family, to go on a Personal Tour.

Or, an association, school, club or business may want a Private Tour for their members, customers, staff and colleagues.

Dan and Josh are exceptionally proficient at Personal & Private Tours. They have a depth of experience in these platforms. Multiple references are available.

Dan and Josh have arranged a number of Personal Tours from the likes of an aunt & nephew, buddies for New Years, business associates and spouses, father and son and mother, father and son.

Dan and Josh have facilitated Private Tours to Cuba for a number of organizations like the Illinois Municipal League, the Mid-West Truckers Association and the Alliance for Regional Development. Specialty Tours for Attorneys, Funeral Directors, Economic Development professionals and local elected & appointed officials are a part of their successful portfolio.

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For a Personal or Private Tour to Cuba, GRTC will:
  • Draft an individualized itinerary, with guidance from the host
  • Secure quality lodging in Cuba, significant to a memorable trip. One of GRTC’s strengths
  • Arrange airport transfers in Cuba
  • Provide air conditioned transport while in Cuba with a dedicated, licensed, Cuban driver
  • Provide an experienced English speaking Cuban guide, with a personality, knowledge and a sense of humor
  • Dispatch an American tour leader, experienced in Cuba, to accompany the group, optional
  • The itinerary will adhere to all U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control regulations and requirements for a legal visit to the Republic of Cuba
  • Assist with Cuban documents needed for travel
  • Provide a dedicated web page of the Group’s itinerary, FAQs and easy registration
  • Provide participants with pre-departure e updates on getting ready for the trip
  • Certificate of Legal Cuba Travel in compliance with U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations (OFAC) section, 1 C.F.R. § 515.565(b)

Email DanRutherford@GlobalRelations.US with your interest, full contact information, potential dates and size of the group. GRTC looks forward to helping you accomplish your bucket list of visiting the Pearl of the Antilles: Cuba!